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Board of Directors

Cool, Jesse

Jesse Cool_0Jesse Cool has been dedicated to sustainable agriculture and cuisine for over 35 years, and is also an advocate for local, sustainable, organic food production. The farmers, to whom she warmly refers as her heroes, she considers to be the first real environmental pioneers. Jesse’s work in the food business supports her politics and philosophy and has now expanded from her local community to a national and international audience. She has traveled the world meeting farmers, shop keepers and families, embracing what is local, sustainable, and discovering traditions that connects us.

The creative force behind five unique restaurants, three of which she owns today, Jesse has also authored seven cookbooks, as well as numerous articles. She is a much sought after spokesperson, speaker, teacher and presenter. Jesse spends her free time in her community garden with her family, children and grandchildren.

Abrica, Ruben

Ruben AbricaRuben Abrica serves as the Mayor of East Palo Alto and is an Instructor at De Anza Community College in the Intercultural/International Studies Division and serves as adjunct faculty in the Teacher Preparation Department of The National Hispanic University.

Mr. Abrica was born and raised in Mexico where he attended vocational school. He immigrated as a teenager and started his schooling in the U.S. the last part of 7th grade. Mr. Abrica received his M.A. in Education from Stanford University and did graduate work in Linguistics at UC San Diego. Mr. Abrica was involved in the incorporation movement and served on the first East Palo Alto City Council in the 1980’s. He is a founding member of the Ravenswood AYSO Soccer League for boys and girls, the Comité Latino and the East Palo Alto Council of Tenants. He has lived in East Palo Alto for 29 years.