Building Maintenance Technician Training Program

Program Overview: The training program is an overview of basic skills for maintaining and managing interior/exterior of housing communities in a first-rate condition. Students will be shown how to perform repairs and upgrades on painting, drywall installation, plumbing, electrical and finished work.

Length: TBD

Sessions: TBD

Hours:  TBD

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What you get from this program

Conducting routine inspections of and performing preventative maintenance; handling basic repairs and maintenance; diagnose mechanical issues and correcting them; repairing machines, equipment, or structures as necessary. Each assignment will be explained on a sheet in blueprint format to correctly identify, describe and locate major elements of building floor plans.

  • JobTrain Certification of Achievement
Career Opportunities
  • Building Maintenance Tech
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Property Maintenance
  • Janitorial Maintenance
  • Non-Union Contractors

Entry Requirements

Must attend JobTrain’s information orientation, be able to understand “work ethic” (pride in one’s work), have the confidence in completing a job or task; and troubleshoot problems in given a situation while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Physical Requirements 

May be required to lift 70 lbs. and climb ladders and should not be sensitive or allergic to fumes and chemical solutions.

During Program

Students must maintain a 90% attendance level. By completion of training, candidate must have acquired a valid driver’s license and must be drug and alcohol free in order to qualify for employment opportunities in the industry.

Instructor – Curtis Cabalona