On Friday, April 19, 2013, Wells Fargo representatives Nicole Harris and Deborah Sage, led a pertinent and timely financial workshop for the Professional Health Care Worker students at JobTrain, emphasizing financial stability.

Watch this video and learn why Wells Fargo Believes in JobTrain also click HERE  to watch an excerpt from the financial literacy workshop.  

Ms. Harris is the Assistant Branch Manager and Deborah Sage is a Personal Banker, at Wells Fargo. Their presentation focused on the importance of: 

Creating a practical budget 
Utilizing credit effectively 
Protecting against identity theft 

“I support JobTrain because of what they do for the community. They help people get on their feet.  They help people get ready for the work world. And it’s simply a great place with a lot of happy and grateful faces.”
 -Nicole Harris

“JobTrain is an amazing program. I refer people to JobTrain for the opportunity to rebuild their lives and educate themselves – and to become re-established within their communities.” -Deborah Sage