We Stand Together

Dear Family, Friends, Partners, and Supporters of JobTrain,

If there was ever a time in our nations history to take a stand, now is that time.  During a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has been taking an unprecedented and outsized toll on low-income communities of color, we have witnessed the tragic death of George Floyd, an undeniable, racist act of violence that robs Americans of community, opportunity, and hope.

JobTrain stands with our community in protest of the harm to Black Americans, like George Floyd, who have been undervalued, mistreated, discriminated against and even killed.  We stand against policing practices that target people of color.  We stand against public policy that institutionalizes poverty and encourages discriminatory mass incarceration.

In 1965, JobTrain was founded on the principles of justice, equity and opportunity for all Americans.  Our “founding father” the Rev. Leon Sullivan espoused The Global Sullivan Principles.  The seventh principle is as powerful today as it was fifty five years ago: “Work with governments and communities in which we do business to improve the quality of life in those communities – their educational, cultural, economic and social well-being – and seek to provide training and opportunities for workers from disadvantaged backgrounds.”  This is what JobTrain has always done and what we will continue to do with vigor and passion.

JobTrain is encouraged to see an outpouring of public support from all sectors of our region.  An unprecedented number of corporate CEO’s have made public comment about George Floyd’s killing.  The Obamas have offered strategies for making this a turning point of real change in our history.  California lawmakers are pushing legislation in response to the protests.  Now is a defining moment in history and we must stand together and work together as a community to bring all of our collective resources to bear on creating a fair and just system where all African Americans and people of color  have the opportunity to succeed and share the vast abundance of our region, our state and our country.

There is much work to do, and we will stand together with those working for change. We will stand behind and follow the lead, wisdom and experience of the people most impacted by this culture of discrimination.  We will work in collaboration with community, government, business and philanthropy toward a new shared vision to end violence, end racism and give all Californians equal opportunity.


Barrie Hathaway

Barrie Hathaway
President & CEO