REDWOOD CREEK GRILL HIRES JOBTRAIN’S “FANTASTIC FIVE”At JobTrain, our bell ringing ceremonies are ALWAYS a spectacular occasion. It’s a time of celebration and pride knowing that one of our students has found a job. When someone rings the bell, ALL students and staff gather in the Bill Walsh Lobby at JobTrain and collectively show their support for the new hire. On September 16, 2011, enthusiasm could not be contained as 5 CULINARY ARTS students rang the bell. Affectionately regarded as the “Fantastic Five” John Akopyan, D’Shawn Barnes, Hugo Contreras, Dino Siotos and Eduardo Soto, were ALL hired to work at REDWOOD CREEK GRILL located in Redwood City, CA. Chef Suzi of Redwood Creek Grill (featured in the photo above), attended the ceremony and beamed with joy watching her new hires enjoy the congratulatory remarks and accolades from their JobTrain family and peers. Lieutenant John Munsey, Deputy Bob Madigan and Program Services Manager Debra Keller were our special guests from the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office.