Imagine the amazing taste of your favorite Mexican dish with
a subtle, yet undeniably delicious, infusion of South Asian flavors.  The delectable combination of these
distinctive tastes creates a sensational experience for the palate.

Rigo Contreras is the chef and owner of Papa’s Fusion
Kitchen.  Each morning, Rigo purchases
fresh ingredients to create his culinary masterpieces.  Formerly an Apple employee, Rigo recently
launched his own food business and is pursuing his ultimate dream of making
great tasting food – the way his mother used to, but with an infusion of exotic
ingredients that leaves his patrons with an unforgettable experience rather
than just a meal.
Today, Rigo brought Papa’s Fusion Kitchen to JobTrain, where
he had received his certification in Culinary Arts in 2009. “Coming back to
JobTrain, where I realized my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and learning
everything I need to know from Chef Weiner, is truly unbelievable,” said Rigo.
Students, staff and community neighbors quickly lined up to
place their orders today.  
The quality,
presentation and delectable taste of the food were appreciated by
everyone.  From their first bite you
could hear the question, “Rigo, this is incredible. When are you coming
back?”  Thankfully, every afternoon at
1:30 Papa’s Fusion Kitchen will be at JobTrain. 
So, if you’re located near 1200
O’Brien Drive, come over and join us. This may become
your new favorite lunch spot!
To learn more about Papa’s Fusion Kitchen, please visit   

Rigo Contreras and JobTrain Culinary Arts Instructor Chef Adam Weiner