Life has been especially difficult for Leticia Gomez. She’s
battled addiction and has tried to overcome her past, which includes
incarceration.  When she was at her
breaking point, struggling to help her nine children and five grandchildren,
she discovered JobTrain.  She completed
the Office Skills program and has benefited from the wide array of services
and resources available at and through JobTrain.  Leticia felt that no one would ever employ
her. She feared that she’d never have an opportunity to become self-sufficient
and that her past would condemn her future. However, JobTrain counselors worked
diligently with her and made concerted efforts to find Leticia employment. 
Today, Leticia returned to JobTrain and said her prayers had
been answered. She’s now working at Mi Pueblo and VI Palo Alto. “I am so
grateful because I come from a really tough background. I felt the doors were
closing in on me. JobTrain gave me the  strength
to keep going and to believe in myself. People like me, old and disabled can
still get a job. Thank you, JobTrain.” 
Leticia Gomez