Mayor, Defense Attorney, Supermom: Always Makes Time for What Matters Most
Despite the constraints of leading weekly city council meetings, working as a lawyer, vying for a seat on the San Mateo County Board of Directors and raising two children; Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith always makes time for her constituents.
Recently the mayor visited JobTrain and spent quality time at our preschool. If only you could’ve seen the children’s faces beam with joy when Keith entered their classroom with an armful of toys. The kids
looked up at Keith with an inquisitive expression seemingly conveying, “Is it Christmas time already?”
Keith didn’t give a second thought about wrinkling her suit or getting dirty by sitting on the floor. Rather, she simply and immediately immersed herself in the sea of smiley faces. After reading them a story, Keith played with them and shared accounts of what her own children loved to play when they were their age.
When it came time for Keith to leave, without any prodding from their teacher, the preschoolers thanked the mayor for their new toys, hugged her like she was part of their family and made sure she knew that they wanted her to come back again real soon.