On Sunday, December 20, 2015, JobTrain was featured in the Biz & Tech section of the San Francisco Chronicle in a story entitled: “JobTrain puts low-income people on a path to sustainable employment” by Carolyn Said.

The article discussed, among other things, JobTrain’s 50 year history helping people to turn their lives around, its extensive relationships with local schools, employers, business and community partners, and its impressive placement record.

JobTrain President & CEO Nora Sobolov who was was interviewed for this article had this to say, “These are people who’ve been told all their lives that they will not succeed, that they will fail — and after a while they began to believe it.” But we believe in people’s potential, and provide the support they need to be successful. When they walk through that door, they believe it too. That contributes to a high placement rate.”

The article also provided a special emphasis on the people that JobTrain helps each and every day – those with numerous barriers to employment and the step-by-step process that JobTrain provides to each of them along their journey to success.

Several JobTrain students were interviewed for this article, among them Cristina Ochoa, 24 of Redwood City, who had this to say about JobTrain, “I got the same education at JobTrain as I would have at a program that cost me a lot of money out of my pocket,” Ochoa said. “The instructor was great. If I needed to stay after class to practice inserting IVs or reading blood pressure, she would stay with me until I got it right.  “For me, JobTrain was a great second chance.”

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SF Chronicle JobTrain Photo

Photo: Liz Hafalia, The Chronicle