Following an incredible 50th Year, JobTrain is pleased to present its results to our community.

Below are the links to JobTrain’s Annual Report and our more detailed Report to Stakeholders which includes a summary of how we are doing against our Strategic Plan goals and metrics.

Though challenges remain, two years into our Strategic Plan we are pleased to be able to report that we have met or exceeded most of our goals.  We know, as part of the JobTrain community, that you care about impact.  These reports were created based on requests from you, our stakeholders and friends, to give you a more in-depth look into the needs of our community, how JobTrain strives to meet these needs and what impact we have had over the course of our fiscal year (ending June 30, 2016).  As always, it is a snapshot in time.  JobTrain is ever changing to adapt to the needs of our community, our stakeholders and especially, the people we serve.  We look forward to your feedback.

We also know our numbers are just part of the picture.  As always, we are pleased to include stories of our students which are the best illustration of what impact truly means.  JobTrain is the culmination of many stories of how opportunity, when it comes at the right time, can change lives and reap benefits for years to come.

Please click here to read JobTrain’s 2016 Annual Report

Please click here to read JobTrain’s 2016 Report to Stakeholders

Thank you for all you do to make sure those most in need succeed.

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Nora Sobolov
President and CEO