JobTrain Grads, Where Are They Now?
One of the
most fulfilling aspects of serving  others is helping individuals reach their
potential. JobTrain, helps thousands of men and women each year discover their
strengths and teaches them how to pursue their dreams.
David Ibarra & his adorable son “Baby David.”

David Ibarra graduated from JobTrain’s Solar
Photovoltaic class in summer 2012.  He is
now  in his second quarter at Foothill
College, studying computer science. David hopes to transfer to Stanford or UC Berkeley and
ultimately work as an engineer at Facebook. “I never attended city council
meetings, spoke publicly or knew my real worth until I came to JobTrain,”
said David. “Their staff opened my eyes and now I see a bright future ahead for
my son and myself. Thank you, JobTrain.”  
Zahia proudly shares her Apple ID during a visit to  JobTrain.

Zahia Osseiran is a single mother of three and a
2012 JobTrain graduate.  She was a hard-
working and tenacious student at JobTrain, and her multilingual skills helped
her land a position as a contracted employee at Apple in their SIRI division.
Zahia said
that she recommends JobTrain to anyone who is considering a job change or who
wants to launch a career. “If you need a good job, especially if you are
encountering difficulties, JobTrain is the place to start,” said Zahia when she
visited JobTrain recently.