Congresswoman Jackie Speier recently visited JobTrain.  Speier’s new congressional district now includes part of Menlo Park.  She’s very supportive of President Obama’s platform of stimulating job growth through vocational training programs that will revitalize our economy and get people back to work.  JobTrain, a 501 (c)(3) organization represents the change and direction our country is moving towards by providing FREE vocational training for youth and adults.
“I enjoyed tremendously my most recent visit to JobTrain. Its success is now almost two generations long, and it only gets better each year. The culinary class tempted me with delicious dishes and bread to die for, the computer lab was filled with eager students, and the child care center quiet with little ones taking afternoon naps. JobTrain turns dreams into reality by turning students into skilled employees. Bravo JobTrain! You continue to inspire.” – Congresswoman Speier
The terrific JobTrain Culinary Arts class

Congresswoman Speier tours JobTrain’s Clothes Encounter Closet
JobTrain Chairman of the Board Wade Loo, Executive Director Sharon Williams, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Director of Program Operations Alonzo Emery, and Director of Development Susan Boiko