Congratulations 2020 Winners

Family First Award

Businesses that implement family-friendly workplace practices, providing opportunities for employees to have a sustainable work/life balance.

BPR Hotels is a family owned business that believes family comes first. They pride themselves on employee programs that create a good home and work balance. BPR Hotels conducts monthly, quarterly and yearly events where employee families are invited to participate. BPR also has a Bring Your Pet to Work program, and have multiple time off programs that help create a balanced life. BPR are involved in community services that focus on family and children, particularly in the area of education. BPR has a strong, inclusive environment centered around core Pillars and Mission, giving them the ability to connect, engage, and inspire, a candidate pool that better represents their client base and enriches the company.

Home Grown Award

Companies that offer training and/or programs that promote upward economic mobility within the organization, as well as create opportunities for an individual’s overall career.

Flagship Culinary Services is more than a group of talented culinarians, they are an equal opportunity employer with a teaching kitchen mentality and a strong focus on internal promotions. Flagship believes their best talent comes from within and their entry level employees will be the future leaders of the company. They invest in programs and opportunities to train, mentor, develop, sponsor, educate and promote them and invest in their progress. Flagship cafes are filled with success stories; over 100 Job Train graduates, managers who started as dishwashers, EDD service recipients have become Executive Chefs, and differently-abled individuals and non-English speakers exemplify customer service excellence on a daily basis. Their commitment to being a positive platform and successful springboard for people from all walks of life is the Flagship way.

Innovation Award

New, experimental models within the company with hiring practices for people with nontraditional backgrounds (i.e. no college degree, veterans, formerly incarcerated, etc.).

Slack is committed to increasing the number of underrepresented individuals in the technology industry. Three years ago, as part of this effort, they began exploring how they could help bring formerly incarcerated individuals into the workforce through high-skilled engineering roles. Slack immediately sought out partners—people and organizations actively working toward this mission—and together with The Last Mile, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and FREEAMERICA, they co-created and piloted the Next Chapter, a yearlong apprenticeship program to train and mentor formerly incarcerated individuals.


A small business (200 people or less) that strives to pioneer innovative and inclusive hiring practices.

Big House Beans was founded in 2014 in Antioch CA. Big House Beans embodies the shared human experience of falling down and getting back up. Through the coffee we source and produce, we help individuals and communities rise through providing jobs, training, and new beginnings. Whether it’s through a cup of coffee to start fresh a new day, sourcing coffee from growers that hire women in patriarchal communities, or providing second chances and jobs to those with barriers to employment here in the Bay Area, Big House Beans produces coffee with purpose

CSBio, a life science contract manufacturer that provides peptide based drugs to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. They believe that actively appreciating diversity and providing underrepresented individuals with skills in a laboratory environment will open the door to new career opportunities. By partnering with the local community, CSBio will provide the talent needed to have a career in the life science field.

Tried & True Award

A long standing program, method, or practice that continues to provide sustainable jobs to people with nontraditional backgrounds.

Bank of America Corporation is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. Locally in the Bay Area, Bank of America is committed to advancing economic and social progress through investments focused on workforce development, basic needs and community development. To ensure they are serving diverse local communities, 1/3 of their financial centers and staff are hired from low-moderate income areas. They are also working to connect youth to first-time or early employment opportunities. In providing access to opportunities that build career skills, education and experiences, Bank of America is helping address challenges of access and first-time employment.

The BRIDGE Awards bring together businesses large and small, who are like-minded in their conviction to offer equal employment opportunities and economic stability to the people of this region, regardless of their background.

This awards ceremony offers an opportunity for Bay Area leaders to share their knowledge and ideas, celebrate innovation and inclusivity, and learn new methods to help combat poverty and income inequality.