Ben, a student in the Culinary Arts program at JobTrain, was keeping a secret from his instructor, Chef Adam Weiner: “The most interesting thing about Ben was he never mentioned to me that his father was a key employee at JobTrain.  I didn’t find out until several months after he completed his training, when his father told me about his accomplishments,” recalls Chef Adam.

Ben was young, eager, motivated, and dedicated.  He was on time every day, ready to tackle whatever was thrown at him.  Chef Adam sent him to do an externship at Cisco Systems whose dining facilities are run by the prestigious Bon Appetit Management Company.  He impressed the people at Bon Appetit so much that they hired him before he even completed his program at JobTrain.  Ben received his Culinary Arts certificate and minutes later was working at Sysco!  Over the next seven years, Ben worked in various line cook positions, and was promoted to sous-chef in 2014.