Bay Area artist Brandon Pham, husband of JobTrain Board Member Charlene Trinh, begins his 45 day Challenge to Learn How to Oil Paint – with a cause!  This cause being to raise needed funds for JobTrain!

“Now that I have kicked off my 45 day Challenge to Learn How to Oil Paint, and since I know that the Charity I will be supporting with my art is counting on me, I am committed to urgency. I am stepping in, jumping in, let’s DO IT!” said Brandon.  “So here it is, I am posting my rough sketch of what I will be painting — I have chosen to paint an iconic Tuscany landscape. I realize I might have drawn the house a bit too large in comparison to its surroundings… but that is why the sketch is such a critical first step, because it allows me to have a better sense of how the picture will be framed and what sizes and proportions will need to be tweaked. Ultimately, though, I love this composition because it has so many layers of colors that I will get to play with – there is the beautiful rustic villa with its red tiled roof, surrounded by majestic Italian cypresses, texturally lush vineyards, golden fields of wheat with rolled up bales of hay, a well-worn dirt road that beckons the viewer to follow its winding path, and in the background looms the verdant hills shrouded in the cloak of early morning mist. I can already see the Masterpiece in my head!”

Thank you to artist Brandon Pham for his generosity and support of JobTrain – to show YOUR support by making a donation to JobTrain through Brandon’s Art4ACause page, please CLICK HERE!”