Why JobTrain Matters to Me: Randale’s Story

Before discovering JobTrain, RANDALE CONNER lived a regretful existence involving drugs, criminal behavior and even incarceration. However, when Randale came to JobTrain his life was completely TRANSFORMED! Randale pursued a course of study in construction and graduated with high marks from JobTrain’s Project Build program in June 2010. In addition to the quality and free vocational training he received, Randale accredits JobTrain for giving his life both purpose and meaning and for “equipping him with the tools for creating a successful life.” Now, Randale Conner is an apprentice laborer at MOUNTAIN CASCADE and is extensively involved in the Hetch Hetchy Project. This massive undertaking involves upgrading and purifying the drinking water in Northern California by spring 2012. To learn more about Randale’s story, please click HERE to watch the YouTube video. And if you’re interested in becoming part of the JobTrain family, wish to schedule a personal tour or subscribe to our newsletter, please contact Kail Lubarsky, Director of Marketing & PR at klubarsky@jobtrainworks.org