The Mercury News Reports: Homelessness: The shadow that hangs over students in this Bay Area school district


Maddie Godoy doesn’t have much time for homework. When she gets home from school, the 11-year-old babysits for her little brothers. She often makes dinner, scrambled eggs or hot dogs, whatever is in the fridge. She plays hide and seek with Iker, 2, in the family’s small apartment before getting him to bed. In the morning, she makes sure 7-year-old Steven doesn’t miss his bus.

Maddie does whatever she can so her mother can get more sleep and be able to work more hours. The sixth-grader worries they will run out of money again. The last time that happened, earlier this year, the family lived in a garage for six months. This time might be worse.

“If we get kicked out again we have nowhere to go,” says Maddie, the light in her eyes clouding with fear. “I’m worried.”

Homelessness is the shadow that hangs over Maddie and many others in Ravenswood City Elementary School District, which has one of the highest percentage of students classified as homeless in the Bay Area.

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