Assessment Center

JobTrain’s Assessment Center offers a wide range of assessments from vocational interest surveys to basic skills assessments. Assessment tests are scheduled by JobTrain vocational counselors as part of the training enrollment process.

Using the speed and reliability of the Internet, paper pamphlets, as well as our commitment to unparalleled service, we provide a flexible way to meet your testing needs. Tests take from less than an hour to several hours depending upon the topic or test.  Test are usually scheduled for morning hours.

You do not have to have taken a course to take the exams.


Wonderlic Basic Skills Test

  • Determine Reading/Verbal Skills and Quantitative/Math Skills needed for entry into various training programs.


  • CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) standardized assessments measure an individual’s general literacy ability in the skill areas of reading and math.

Pre-GED Test

  • The pre-GED exam tests a learner’s high school level of academic knowledge and skills, and determines if an individual is ready to take the official GED exam.  The five tests in the battery are: Language Arts-Reading, Language Arts-Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.  If the scores indicate that a student is ready to take the actual GED exam, they are referred to an official test center; if not, they make take JobTrain’s GED preparation class.
  • Private conference held with each individual to discuss results of the test(s) taken.


The COPS and CHOICES inventories, which can be administered in either group or individual setting, produces an individual profile by comparing a client’s interests to over 12,000 positions. A private conference is held with each individual to discuss results from the test(s) taken, including an in-depth look at the top three “best match” career areas.


  • Compares an individual’s interests with college programs or work/career paths.


  • This exam is a computer-based interest inventory designed to assist students in determining those vocational fields for which they may be suited.